Does the world need your solo show?

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No. Nor does it need any more novels. Walk into any bookshops and you will see thousands of them, never mind the fifty million titles available on Amazon. And what about the film scripts, optioned but languishing on a forgotten hard drive at a near-defunct production company?

And yet…every week people buy novels, go to theatres, fringe festivals and cinemas, scroll through Netflix to find a new show.

All the stories may have already been written by the time Shakespeare came along, and yet we still hunger for stories. In a world that constantly knocks us off balance, pummels us with a firehose of agenda-based information, somewhere in all of that we are grappling for one true sentence. A revelation that makes sense of it all, in the way only stories can.

So no, the world does not need cheap, superficial, cobbled together solo shows. We don’t need any old dead dad, dislocation or cancer scare story. But we do need your dead dad, dislocation or cancer scare story. And it’s not that we need answers. We don’t need seven steps to success or an image of perfect self-actualisation. What we long for most is comradeship. We need to hear what brought you to your knees, and that you survived it. And perhaps, how you still fall on your knees sometimes. We want to know how to survive being human. Your story is your lens, your perspective, the clue that you uncovered.

But here’s the other thing. You’re not writing for us at all. Embarking on any creative endeavour is a gift from you, the artist, to yourself. It’s to answer a question that keeps bugging you. Or not even answer, but at least explore. And it’s for you to have the glorious experience of being a creator. 

You write it for you. For the you who didn’t know how. For the you who didn’t know they could. So go on. Write your story, And make it a good one. Be honest and raggedy and raw and funny and heartfelt. Now that’s a story the world will never be tired of told.

Tina Sederholm is a poet, raconteur and theatre-maker. She will be performing her solo show ‘Everything Wrong With you Is Beautiful’ on 27-30th June 2019 at and 12th July 2019, Guildford Fringe Festival. When not creating her own shows she helps other writers create their shows through workshops and one-to-one sessions. Contact her for more information here:


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